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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nanaimo Bars

I so love this delicate dessert! So sweet and chocolaty. You must try this. I will say that this is a quite expensive dessert to make but it's worth it! and it's also a time consuming to make.
Nanaimo Bars is originally from Canada and this is a popular dessert across Northern America. See this website for further information: Nanaimo Bars.

Things you need:

-Non stick pan (square or rectangular)
-electric egg beater, if you don't have one then you'l gonna be just like what I do, I only used fork to beat the butter sometimes you have to improvise.
-measuring cup

Ingredients & Procedures:

This is not my own recipe, I just copied this online.

Me, I didn't really used the Hershey's cocoa powder, I used the Goya probably more cheaper than Hershey's. But if you want your Nanaimo Bars to taste perfect you can substitute it with your high choice of cocoa powder (100% cocoa powder sweetened or unsweetened), any brand will do I guess.

Second layer

Top layer (third layer)

after waiting for few hours to be set and firmed this is how it looks like

I hope you enjoy!


  1. Yet another entry post of food! Kakagutom.

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. Yeah! I know. I made that last year and I only got this chance to post it. try it! :) Thanks anyway my friend!


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