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Friday, January 18, 2013

Planning to Invest in Vanity Table Set

"I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it"

-Marilyn Monroe

Recently, I've been crazy and thinking about buying lots and different kinds of cosmetics. Since I start being a little kinda crazy about my new permed hair and some of my stuff is all over the place, plus not only that, I am also thinking of buying my new make ups and stuff like that.. You know "Girly" thing as I would say.  Yeah! And I know some of you didn't understand that, and some says "girls are so high maintenance" Well, YES! in my opinion.

Before I never have the thought of doing this about make ups, cosmetics, etc., I am that kind of girl who don't wear make ups at all, well, I do put some brows and face powder but that's it, that's all it! So simple and ugly! (for me)... And sometimes I forgot to put my eyebrow pencil on and just imagine how I looked like without any brows since my brows are kind of thin, so imagine me like that going out with my husband and no make up at all or even forget to put my face powder on. Believe me! I am that kind of person..... but now HELL YEAH! I'm in...

In my opinion I would say that do it accordingly before you invest your Vanity table and stool, because girl its not cheap at all! First thing first! First of all, look at your pocket, and see if how much you can afford in your standards. Secondly, choose what you need for a Vanity Table or dresser. Because it all matters there! What you need is so much different with what you WANT! Get me? So you're not just shopping for what you want, well of course you can do that if you are that rich! For me, I will get what I need and want in a very economical ways. Of course, you'll not gonna buy a dresser if you don't want it or like the item. Uhmm duhhh? And last but not the least, "SAVE some money"! That's the most important thing. Your only battle here is TIME, Patience and MONEY! If you can handle that then congrats! And one thing you also have to have space where you wanted to put your Vanity table and stool, I prefer it in our room. Not to mention our room is pretty small so I gotta have to find a perfect dresser for me.

So, now I am gonna show you what kind of dressers are in my head, I know.. I know there's a lot of Vanity Set over there but this is my top choice.


This one is a little bit big for me and talking about the space is not really working but I like it though! I like it especially it's made out of wood and will last long for sure plus I like BIG mirrors and it is classy! The style is kinda antique and I just love the way it is. For sure in the future I will have this kinda dresser if my room will be big enough. Coz you need a lot of space with this one.

I like the style, I like how many drawers on it, the stool is just perfect,
the mirror is big and spacey but it don't meet with my standards. Way too expensive!

I so love this! There's an image in my head that having this
is just like having a princess-like thing, sort of, whatever!. Well, I like the color, I like
white. For me White is been very neat. The drawers are enough. The price is till NAH!

This one is very cute! I love how the drawers are. It's in the same side
There is also one that the dresser is in the right side, I believe.
One thing I like about this is it's not that expensive, economical,
classy and sturdy.

This one just caught my eye! It is so stylish. I love how the feet of the table is
and the stool is perfect! But the cons is there is not much enough drawer.
I mean who knows in the future I will be having lots and lots of cosmetics
And don't know where to put it? Well you can always buy another drawer
but me I prefer all my cosmetics are in one place, in the Vanity table.

This one here is the same. Not enough drawers but I like it though
It is cute. ;) :p
Overall after reviewing all that stuff I would probably go for Table set 4 & 2. Why? Because it is very economical money wise, the color is good, it is classy, the mirror is okay, roomy and I guess it is perfect for me! I also like the fact that you can move the mirror up and down if you're a little small person (like me!).

So anyway guys I hope you enjoy reading and you can always leave a comment, suggestions and ideas. Tell me what kind of Vanities you like or what Vanity set you have right now.

See Yah! Till my next blog!

Disclaimer: All pictures I've posted in this blog, specifically this blog (Investing your Vanity Table Set) pictures is not mine, I took it from the web. And I'm not saying it's mine, just posting for ideas. Thank you!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Longchamp Le Pliage Tote" Fake or Authentic?

(Picture No. 1) Comes with the dust bag, the little card and the Longchamp Le Pliage 

Name: Longchamp Le Pliage "Shopping"
Type of Bag: Tote
Size: Small
Handle: Long
Color: Orange
Material: Water resistant Nylon

I ordered this online and just arrived today. I never used the bag yet. I bought it like 45% off from it's original price amounting to $125. So I am wondering if it's authentic or fake or a good copy.
Let me show you the images of the tote.

(Picture No. 2) The dimensions are the same

(Picture No. 3) They said you have to watch out at the spelling, some fakes "G" look likes "C"
So as you look at the pic its "G". And there's one thing,
the number nine suppose to look just like at the pic not this one "9"..

(Picture No. 4) If you see the "YKK" & "T".. its authentic!

(Picture No. 5) They said that the authentic longchamp, the leather should have
a cognac color and you can see some dark spots in there.
So its probably authentic! If you notice it.

(Picture No. 6) The leather should have diagonal lines.

(Picture No. 7) Suppose to have like that! I don't know how its called. (interior)

(Picture No. 8) Original Prym 6/4 B

(Picture No. 9) there's 45 at the zipper. I dont know if you can see that.

(Picture No. 10) Here's another one. I dont know how its called. Should have like that at the
pocket and interior this one is on the pocket

(Picture No. 11) The handles should be flat as they said. I think mine is flat.

(Picture No. 12) For the lighter color of Longchamp Le Pliage the interior is white
For the darker color of Le Pliage the interior is black.

(Picture No. 13) The tag inside.. I guess this is the style number

(Picture No. 14) Long Handle approximately it has 8 inches drop

(Picture No. 15) That's the back..
The leather should be smooth. The stitching should be perfect. The nylon should be not that reflecting when its expose to sunlight. The inside should be kinda rubbery feeling when you touch it.

I am still doubting about the bag because of its price it is so cheap almost 50% off when I bought it. They promised me that it comes from the factory itself (Longchamp) and I've read something, somewhere and the seller also claimed its authentic from the factory, and they also stated why its cheap because they probably the imperfect one and the factory dispose it. For example the stitches, scratch probably or blabla.. etc..

They may be right because when I looked at my bag there is some imperfection about it. See picture 5, you can see the stitch is hanging or not cut (but i can work with that).. The second one, i found that there is some kinda black color from the handle.. See picture below...

(Picture No. 16) See the encircle.. That's what I'm talking about.

And I am also worried about the style number (Pic no. 13), I dont get it some blog I've read (How to spot a fake longchamp) referring to the style number it doesn't match. I don't know or I just probably didn't get it?

Overall, I like the bag, it is authentic I believe and there's nothing to worry about it. The little thing is the 2 imperfections about the tote. It doesn't bother me or anything and the price is really good. I paid it for $ 68.75 (shipping and handling fee to Philippines not included "priority mail") plus the waiting for the bag to arrive it took more than a week or less.? I dont even remember. All I remember now is I have the Bag!!!

I am totally happy with it.! If you're interested to ask where do I buy my bag or which website just comment.

If you have any questions and suggestions or even comments. Just leave a message below.! Thanks!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thinking about what to do on my 24th Birthday!

(Reminiscing Introduction...)
Looking back at my previous Birthday experienced I never really have one that makes me remember that very moment, I do have few but not quite. Let me say 18th birthday of mine way back 7 years ago was dreaming a big ceremony like a princess dancing with 18 men including your dad, friends, cousin and all that 18 roses, 18 cakes.... But none of those happened to me because I knew we couldn't afford to make that happened, so it stays as a dream. Let me tell you what I really want for my 18th birthday before and please don't laugh at me, seriously. Anyways it all started watching the Panday teleserye in ABS-CBN were Jericho Rosales (a Filipino actor) was the leading man of the said teleserye, he was so famous back then. And I'm one of his biggest fan. I intend to made this big illusions of mine hoping to dance with him at my debut. Because seeing this famous stars having their debut is spectacular and that's every lady should have on their 18th birthday, a very memorable, romantic and special celebration. I had to wake up on the moment that nothing of those will seem to be happening. I guess some of us also dreams that. For me to dream is how you inspire yourself and  dreaming is one reason to live. So I guess there's nothing wrong about that.

When my family knew about my unreachable dream they are laughing and mock at me when they remember. Of course I felt bad, down, and embarrassed. But that never stop me from dreaming... Anyway's we're talking about my what to do on my 24th birthday.. HELLO? LOL. Let me continue...

Just sort of remembering the old past.. So now it's been a long time figuring out what to do on my 24th b-day and I am like all over the place I don't know what to do. So let me start with an idea on my head, a dream, a wish I have..

Thinking about my 24th Birthday: (Thoughts, Want, Dream, Etc.)

1.) Going to restaurant with my husband. Wear some decent and nice dress with matching platform pump shoes.

Platform Pump heels.. Love to have it! Every woman should have one of this.

I love the dress especially the color. (I didn't realize that this is my  Favorite color) LOL

2.) Treat myself ( Unfortunately, I already did )

3.) Thinking to BUY a new phone but first SAVE! I think this belongs to no. 2? (nah, im still happy with phone)

iPhone 5?

4.) Night swimming with hubby.. It's not gonna happen because my husband is out of town for work.

5.) Ride a bike and of course travel, Alone? not working.

6.) Go to Bohol.

7.) Own a tarsier?

So cute!!!

8.) Jog like 25 miles.. Uhm.. I'll think about that.

9.) own another dog...

I always wanted a Shar pei because it's so adorable. Look at her wrinkled skin..  cutie pie

Here's my baby.. Her name is Chacha. I always love her and always will be.
10.) Fishing around Apo Island... My husband always telling me before that he wanted to go fishing with me but I am so afraid of deep sea especially I dont know how to swim. LOL.

11.) Learn how to swim? and scuba diving.. (nice idea)

Scuba diving

12.) Mountain climbing with my dog ( well, yeah! Thats a better idea and exciting too) but where? is it safe? (such a coward little B***)

13.) Prepare some delightful dishes for bday.. Its a good idea though. Staying at home with family (Mom and Bro).. I so wanted to prepare the Beef Wellington and Scallops. Hmm.. will try it soon.

Mouth watering and juicy meat - "Beef Wellington".. I'm a fan of Chef Gordon and I saw him prepare this so it made my interest.

"Scallops" An additional recipe I saw chef Gordon made. It looks Yummy though..

14.) Videoke together with family and have a shot of Tequila or Margarita. Sounds good.

I am always curious about the "Body Shot Tequila" version.. Hmmm..  Hubby? Let's try this.  ;)

15.) Stay home and make some more blogs.. (idea from another blogger) Well I'd say PERFECT!

16.) Sleep all day

17.) Clean the house? NOPE! (hate doing chores)

18.) Go see a movie..

19.) Go shopping... I wanted to buy a bunch of new clothes so probably that makes me happy. "Shopaholic" (not literally)

20.) Skype to skype with my husband..

My Husband.. I so miss him

21.) I always wanted to ride a roller coaster... STAR City!!! or DISNEY LAND

Roller Coaster.. This is so much of adrenaline.. Love that!

22.) I wish to go to Shibuya, Japan because I wanted to take a picture the of Hachiko's statue. I watched the movie and i'm so touched.. He's such a loyal dog. You know sometimes I compare a person and a dog, sometimes it makes me think that dog is better because of very loyal attitude and dog's can't fake things. That's why I got my baby Chacha. She's so loving and cute.

Statue of Hachiko @ Shibuya Train station Japan

23.) I wanted to have a fit body before my birthday. working out is an option or maybe not.

I like her abs..

24.) Lastly.. I probably wanted to go Paris with Adrian... Experience the overwhelming beauty of Europe. But there's not much time for that. 11 more days to go before my Birthday comes. But will put that on the list.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

A dream is not always a dream.. If you have one or more, then make it come true. What's the point of living in this planet if you always stay in your little box. If you wanted to make that come true then work it, that will makes you happy.

I hope it helps some of my ideas. I guess this all ends in saying Ciao my friend! More blogs coming soon..

Monday, January 14, 2013

Digital Perm: Maintenance

After making my first blog recently about My digital perm experience I decided to post another blog, still about Digital Perm but its maintenance. I'm kinda stubborn typical kind of person because you see, I had already searched and read a lot about this perming thing and I already know that the maintenance is not a joke I just pursue it but I don't know probably I totally forgot what I have searched and learn but you cannot tell really without experiencing it yourself. Some people say that having your hair permed is a lot more easier and cheap because you'll never be able to use a comb and all that but for me it is not true. Well anyway continue reading and you'll find out how it really works in the real world.

Anyway, I always like my hair to look like this:

Sarah Parker
I like the way her curly hair. Probably the cold perm will works for me but it fine..

I already got my hair permed last December 31, 2012 and while still at salon I ask my stylist on what to put on my hair. So she offer me this product, I think it's a Korean conditioner its called Mise En Scene. She asked me for about Php 450.00 so I took it. She also offers me Shampoo and Curling cream but I didn't consider buying those too because I actually don't have enough money to buy those. LOL! Before I left the salon I blew 4,000 pesos just to get my hair done (Breakdown: Php 2,700 for Digital Perm in medium hair, Php 450 for the conditioner, Php 350 for my Haircut and Php 500 for hair treatment). So after that I just can't wait to go to my shop and I am so excited about my hair and I just can't wait to show it off to my Mom. Haha... My Mom appreciated my hair.

please excuse the background

I really can't forget about that day. It was so rush like this (Bang)... For me its a quick decision to make about perming my hair the last second of New Years Eve. I know, I know, I still have a lot of time to do that this year (2013) but I just couldn't wait. I got off at the salon for about after 2 hours and 30 minutes and looking at my watch I said to myself "oh dear I better hurry, the clock is ticking I need to prepare some food for New Years Eve".. So I ended up stressing myself and give myself a headache. See what I mean? I just can't wait. Anyway just wanted to share it to you since I didn't mentioned that on my first blog. So lets talk about the maintenance. I am gonna show you what I've been using for my hair and reviews about it.

I used this conditioner time to time, alternating the other conditioner I have the Humane Nature.

I like this product though, so far I dont have any negative comments about this.

From the left: Human Nature Moisturizing Shampoo, Human Nature Conditioner, Monea Curl defining Milk, Finesse Curl defining Mousse, Kerastase Oleo Curl and Human nature smoothing serum.

Human Nature Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Gals if you can't find any shampoo and conditioner specifically for curl hair I recommend you to use this Human Nature Shampoo and Conditioner (Php250 both of them, not sure). It is so great on my hair, so smooth and the only one thing you notice about the shampoo is it doesn't bubble that much not unlike the shampoo from the market like Head and shoulder. But this one I really recommend. Well, I haven't gotten my Herbal Essences totally twisted shampoo and conditioner. I really have to order it from eBay because I couldn't find one at the Watson's Pharmacy here and I spent $24.94 for the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner including the Priority mail so that is basically Php1,022.54.

Monea Curl defining Milk
I first tried the Monea curl defining milk (Php99, not sure) but actually I bought the Monea and the Finesse together. So after using this Monea I really had a high expectation but when I used it, its not really good on me. My hair is so sticky and it's frizzy all day long. I dont know I probably put too much. I just leave it on my damp hair and didn't hair dry it. So thats probably one reason why it becomes like that.

Finesse Curl Defining Mousse
After trying the Monea I am totally disappointed through out the day but thats okay I am still learning and try to figured out what's up!, so I tried this Finesse curl defining mousse (Php360, not sure but in that range) and it works for me. I so like the Finesse mousse on that day.. All day my hair stays bouncy and not sticky. What I did is while my hair is damp I applied enough amount of Finesse mousse on my hair and blow dry until my hair is dry and it works. By the way don't use the hot set blow dry instead use the cool set blow dry.

Kerastase Oleo Curl
After reading all about the Kerastase oleo curl (Php1,600), its a leave on by the way, I am totally expecting a lot from this product because of its price. And when I tried this one the first time not really that much excited about it, just the same result as the Finesse product the one I mentioned above. But I tried it again few days after well it did impressed me because just like the Finesse it leaves my hair smooth, bouncy, not frizzy at all and I so love the smell, it also leaves your hair a little loose but for me its fine. When applying this I use it when my hair is still damp and gently apply it from roots to tips and scrunch the bottom of my hair where the curl is and later blow dry until dry and Voila! you're set to go.

Human Nature Natural Hair Smoothing Serum
About the Human Nature Serum (Php120, not sure) I tried it ounce together with the Monea I guess or the Finesse. I used the serum in the middle of the day just to try it and it makes my hair sticky. And when I went at the David Salon to had my pedicure the staff just looking at me and some customers. F*ck!!!... I don't know how do I look like on that day. I feel kinda confident though but I don't know it leaves a question mark on my head.

So, thats all I think I can share from you guys.. I did spend a lot and Im not even a half of the month since I got my hair permed and thats how I blew the money. Well, if you can buy and try everything why not? It is some kinda experiment for yourself on how products works on you. Some they don't work for you but to other people it works perfectly. You know things like that. "You have to be able to know whats the perfect match for you" ika nga. So that's what I'm trying to say earlier in my introduction. But none of this changed how I love my hair right now. I am still planning to go back to the salon where I had my hair for about 2 months (my stylist told me).. So Gals I hope you have a great hair day! Ciao!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My first Experience: Digital Perming

Before telling you my experience I am going to share a little bit about Digital Perm...
digital perm is a perm that uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine with a digital display, hence the name. The process is otherwise similar to that of a traditional perm. The name "digital perm" is copyrighted by a Japanese company, Paimore Co.Hairstylists usually call it a "hot perm."
A normal perm basically requires only the perm solution. A digital perm requires a (different) solution plus heat. This type of perm is popular in several countries, including South Korea and Japan.

My straight hair

See guys I have a very straight hair that God given to me. Well for quite sometime I get bored with my hair so straight, thin and short. So I've heard about this Digital Perming and thinking that why not give it a try for myself. But before committing to it I keep on digging about Digital perming, I found that its easy to have your hair permed because you'll never gonna need a comb.... "Not unless you try it and figure it out yourself". I also like the fact that when you don't need a comb of course your hair will look messier and I like that since I have a very thin hair. Well i think that suits my interest most because all I wanted for my hair is to have volume. If you are so in about perming and nothing will stop you from doing it then DO IT! But before anything else you have to dig about it.

A few days past after digging all that I really have done it. I went at the salon name "ArtBox Korean Salon" I have to quote that this salon is in Dumaguete City. Before deciding you get your hair permed I suggest you find a better salon preferably Korean Salon or Japanese salon if you find one.  So I tried the ArtBox Korean Salon and they are so nice to me especially the owner (I forgot to ask her name, so rude of me).. So my stylist look at my hair and ask me if I've done my hair into rebonding or relax and of course I did not. I ask her to use small rollers but she suggest medium and large so I just got for it whatever she prefer... (Note that I have short hair, shoulder level type)... Later that I sit at the chair and wrap me with the towel around my shoulder.. She put some solutions onto my hair and gently wrap it in section with the rollers. After that she grab the machine for digital perming. The machine that she uses is what its called Swing Belle (thermal Processor)  Yeah well anyway she uses a different machine unlike the other its what they called Setting Perm (ceramic rods digital perm machine). I'll show you guys..

Ceramic Rods Digital Perm Machine, everybody usually use.

On the above picture thats the typical digital perm machine salon uses.. Well to my stylist she uses different machine. I also dig in to that machine she use. The machine is kinda cute because it talks.. Look down:::

Swing Belle (Thermal Processor) My stylist used on me
As I've searched about this machine and I found that it is for coloring hair, hot oil and also for perming. Well, my worries ease a little bit.. ;)... So after heating my hair for about 30 minutes I guess, I dont remember, I really have a bad memory.. after that her assistant gave me a hot cup of tea, massage my arm and she even asked me if I want more tea. I feel so relaxed after waiting for my hair to be set and then the assistant washes my hair with conditioner alone. Squeeze out some of the excess water and go went back to the chair again. She put curl defining cream on my hair before she blower my hair. And after that from straight hair to this look....

Straight Vs. Curl... Its up to you guys!

Its all up to you my friend if what you prefer, to have a straight hair or curl hair.. Me, I prefer to try different and new things... I like my new hair though curly and messy.. I so want to thank Sunset of Goddess for giving me such information about having her hair permed and most especially the Salon who turned me this. After all that delightful experience from them I never regret any of those.

Guys! If you want some other tips about digital perming I suggest you to visit Sunset Goddess Manila .. You can find and learned a lot from her.

Few days after I got my hair permed.

Few hours after I got my hair permed  (12/31/2012)

Have a great hair day!!!