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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Red Rock Hot Spring

It's a very great place to spend time with the families, friends and loved ones. You can enjoy the very peaceful place, the nature, the breathtaking air, the view, relaxation and the hot spring. We've been here yesterday and such a wonderful place to relax.
If this is your first time visiting the place you have to know this:
1.) The road is a bit inclined. If you're riding by motorcycle its fine. By car is better if with families
2.) Transportation. Stated @ no. 1 and also public transportation
3.) You have to bring your own food because they don't have restaurant or any cooked foods to sell but they offer a grilling area were you can make your own food or by bringing cooked meals. How I wish they have a restaurant but you can always bring your foods. And don't forget they also have a little Mini store (sari-sari store).
4.) Bathroom is quite clean

Other information:
Entrance Fee: P20.00
Cottage Price: P200.00
Table: P50.00
Public Transportation: Jeepney P50.00 back and fort.



Grilling area
Mini Store (Sari-sari store)

Benefits and Effects:

Pool Rules & Regulations:

Up close

On our way home. I really don't know how you called this but I believe it's a steam coming out from the inside of this huge wall of rocks. Don't go near because it smells no good... ;)

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