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Friday, February 1, 2013

Urban Decay Lash Kit


Product: Urban Decay Urban Lash Kit
Item inclusion: : A pair of False Lashes, Black Eye liner, Black Mascara and Glue

Before I was thinking of buying myself a false lashes one day and I did! I bought this product for about 800 pesos here in Philippines from What I like about this product is that it's a full package for its price. So affordable. I like to use the Eye liner pencil because it is so dark and it stays there. The mascara, so far when I'm using it I really don't like it because it's really hard to dry and so messy, when I accidentally touch it for about few minutes and it is still wet. The glue is so cute and I like the fact that this glue is like neon kinda sort of thing but it's actually blue so you can really see where you put the glue on.

I totally love the Urban lash kit from Urban Decay, it is worth buying for!

I'm not wearing any liquid eyeliner so as you can see my eyes
are so simple but I'm wearing the Urban eye liner pencil.

Honestly I just wear this yesterday for the first time and I am very clumpy since its my first time but I totally did it!

Overall! I recommend this product to people who wants a Big Oh Lashes at a very reasonable price.