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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review: AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

Hello Everyone!

I'm gonna share with you what my daily moisturizing body wash that I used and how it worked for me but before I start talking let me apologize for not updating my blog for few months. I'm kind of a little busy but now I'm back!

I've been looking for a soap or body wash that suits me. My type of skin is really dry and I've been using a lot of products over the past years and it just didn't work for me at all.

I used lotion too, well first of all I like to use lotion but over time it's just kind of really annoying when you have sticky feeling, sweating sometimes because of the lotion especially you're living in an area that is hot I'm talking about Philippines for example.

So I searched online to see what is a really great product that will actually work for me. I'm not allergic or anything but I just want to use a product that will be great even without using a lot of them. Basically what I'm saying here is an all in one product.

And this product works for me. I'll tell you honestly that I've just used this 2 days since I bought this and all I can say this is so great for me and I think it'll also work for you as well.

Before I even bought it I searched the reviews online to see what people thinks about the products and I say I should try that one too. And here it is the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body wash (picture below)

I really love this one compare to my Dove bar soap. I don't know I just felt like love at first sight with this product. After I use for about 2 days now, yeah I know it's too early to say but that doesn't matter I can see the difference already! My skin is smooth, it's soft and not dry at all anymore.

I love it just like I said a moment ago I felt love at first sight.

For the price is okay for the product. I mean you get what you pay for really. It's a little bit pricey especially here in the Philippines because it's IMPORTED everyone! I didn't regret that I bought this P400.00 body wash, almost but I'm glad I did. Not bad at all.

The bottle is 12 oz. So that's basically 354ml.

This creamy body wash moisturizes for visibly healthier skin every time you shower. The unique AVEENO formula, which combines nourishing oatmeal with rich emollients, helps to lock in moisture, resulting in softer, smoother skin long after you shower.
I really agree with what they say because it leaves my skin smooth after I shower.

I love the smell of it. I don't know I can't explain how it smells. Something like citrus oatmeal combination smell and I'm not really sure. All I can say is I love the smell, period.

I think that's pretty much it, oh if anyone would like to see the ingredients it's down below.

Now I met AVEENO, I'm happy with it and would probably try their other products. I will probably try their shampoo and conditioner, what do you guys think? Please share your thoughts.