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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to determine Authentic MK Jet Set Travel Tote

Size: Small
Dimensions: 12 inch (L) x 9 inch (H) x 5 inch (W)
Leather strap approximately 7 inch drop
Bag Material: Coated PVC and or Leather
Color: Vanilla

How to determine an authentic MK jet set tote like this bag.

NOTE: This is only my own opinion based from my knowledge point of view and I'm not a professional nor a MK personnel.

If you have a tote just like mine and still doubting about it or if you have a MK bag just grab it to see if anything I wrote here have similarities. :)

First. If you're buying online (from eBay, or whatever..) first thing you'll notice is the pricing. Compare it to the MK Official website then you'll know the differences. If it's too bit low that the original price then there's a doubt that it's a fake or a replica. One thing you should do is ASK why, where did you purchase this, is it authentic and check the sellers reputation if you're buying from eBay or Amazon. I bought mine at eBay for about $199 shipping not included.

Second. You'll notice the material. How it feels or there's something wrong that you're not comfortable with especially the stitching if it's straight, its definitely authentic.

the lining.. didn't really have the perfect view of the bag but its straight. :D

Third. All authentic bags have its signature at the buckles (for this bag buckles are square), the clip closure, the lining inside, the bag charm and all that. and don't forget the zipper it should have to have the YKK engrave on it.

Zipper with YKK engrave.

Clip closure


MK Bag Charm

Inside Key clip


The Code or Design code. I really dont know how you called it.

Fourth. All authentic bags have to have a dust bag with it, care card and the seller should include the tag

And lastly... If you're comfortable about it, you've done everything you could to check if its authentic then fine girl its original. Don't give anymore headache to yourself .... just convince yourself.. ;) (just kidding...)

So I guess that's all it.. Ask any question or post comments, any suggestions if you like. I hope I gave enough information about this MK tote specifically this bag.
Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Love your MK bag.

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. Hi Jenniya! I really love this bag even though it's cute but you can't believe how many things you put in. So roomy for a small tote like this!

  2. I love your bag! I just bought a Michael Kors Hamilton off ebay, I am pretty sure its authentic but I still would like to see what someone else thinks. My bag does have the date code tag(if that is whats called lol) its like a clear plastic like tag hidden very well on the inside, it says "Made in China" and under it "AP 1309" I have heard that this is a good way to tell if your bag is real or fake, a lot of the fakes do not have the "date code tags" any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! God bless


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