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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Firmoo: Fourth wave of Share-To-Win!

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Please Pick me!!! ;)

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Bonita!

Happy Birthday Mom! Our past doesn't really matter, whatever it is we have to forget and move on to our life. Let be the past be our lesson. The present is the most important thing! and today is the day to remember. Even though the celebration isn't grandiose but still a perfect birthday!

11 am today I called her and asked her what's the size of her foot and what color she like. On that moment when I asked she figured out what's on my head (its very obvious). I am planning to give her a little present just to make her happy. So this morning I bought her a pair of Havaianass and a leopard printed dress, a necklace. Of course a special person should receive a special gift with a little birthday card. I put them all together at the box (sandal, dress, necklace and the card) with a special wrapping. Few hours I went at the store to give her present and she was very surprise and happy! I've never seen her happy just like that. She thanked me and hug me saying "Thank you Ellaine" and my heart just melt. No words can explain.  Even my gift is not that surprising as everyone does but for my Mom its enough. Whatever little things I gave her, she really appreciate it and treasure it. That's how I love her.

Later this afternoon I gave her another surprised, a makeover. We went at some local salon here in our place to Rebond Treatment ( I dont know how you called it ), a foot spa, of course Manicure and Pedicure too. Well she really transformed.. Can you believe that she's my Mom? Take a look....

Before the makeover

Everybody thinks that we're sisters. LOL. but its fine with me. And of course we had dinner at the restaurant and full ourselves. Perfect evening! That's all I can say.

Happy Birthday Mom! You did it again!

Here's a song to Mom!!! 
If you're a fan of Phineas and Ferb episode
@ cartoon network (well, yeah! I still watch cartoons) 
then you know this song. ;)