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Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Longchamp Le Pliage Tote" Fake or Authentic?

(Picture No. 1) Comes with the dust bag, the little card and the Longchamp Le Pliage 

Name: Longchamp Le Pliage "Shopping"
Type of Bag: Tote
Size: Small
Handle: Long
Color: Orange
Material: Water resistant Nylon

I ordered this online and just arrived today. I never used the bag yet. I bought it like 45% off from it's original price amounting to $125. So I am wondering if it's authentic or fake or a good copy.
Let me show you the images of the tote.

(Picture No. 2) The dimensions are the same

(Picture No. 3) They said you have to watch out at the spelling, some fakes "G" look likes "C"
So as you look at the pic its "G". And there's one thing,
the number nine suppose to look just like at the pic not this one "9"..

(Picture No. 4) If you see the "YKK" & "T".. its authentic!

(Picture No. 5) They said that the authentic longchamp, the leather should have
a cognac color and you can see some dark spots in there.
So its probably authentic! If you notice it.

(Picture No. 6) The leather should have diagonal lines.

(Picture No. 7) Suppose to have like that! I don't know how its called. (interior)

(Picture No. 8) Original Prym 6/4 B

(Picture No. 9) there's 45 at the zipper. I dont know if you can see that.

(Picture No. 10) Here's another one. I dont know how its called. Should have like that at the
pocket and interior this one is on the pocket

(Picture No. 11) The handles should be flat as they said. I think mine is flat.

(Picture No. 12) For the lighter color of Longchamp Le Pliage the interior is white
For the darker color of Le Pliage the interior is black.

(Picture No. 13) The tag inside.. I guess this is the style number

(Picture No. 14) Long Handle approximately it has 8 inches drop

(Picture No. 15) That's the back..
The leather should be smooth. The stitching should be perfect. The nylon should be not that reflecting when its expose to sunlight. The inside should be kinda rubbery feeling when you touch it.

I am still doubting about the bag because of its price it is so cheap almost 50% off when I bought it. They promised me that it comes from the factory itself (Longchamp) and I've read something, somewhere and the seller also claimed its authentic from the factory, and they also stated why its cheap because they probably the imperfect one and the factory dispose it. For example the stitches, scratch probably or blabla.. etc..

They may be right because when I looked at my bag there is some imperfection about it. See picture 5, you can see the stitch is hanging or not cut (but i can work with that).. The second one, i found that there is some kinda black color from the handle.. See picture below...

(Picture No. 16) See the encircle.. That's what I'm talking about.

And I am also worried about the style number (Pic no. 13), I dont get it some blog I've read (How to spot a fake longchamp) referring to the style number it doesn't match. I don't know or I just probably didn't get it?

Overall, I like the bag, it is authentic I believe and there's nothing to worry about it. The little thing is the 2 imperfections about the tote. It doesn't bother me or anything and the price is really good. I paid it for $ 68.75 (shipping and handling fee to Philippines not included "priority mail") plus the waiting for the bag to arrive it took more than a week or less.? I dont even remember. All I remember now is I have the Bag!!!

I am totally happy with it.! If you're interested to ask where do I buy my bag or which website just comment.

If you have any questions and suggestions or even comments. Just leave a message below.! Thanks!
Have a great day!


  1. te! mine is original, im wondering why is ther scratches on the handle or wherever that is and if it really is unused since you bought it online.? we bought it at Rockwell,makati ? yes probably there haha don't really familiarize where Rockwell was

    1. Hi Mae! Hehehe.. Thanks for the response. Yeah, it is new and unused. They probably sell it cheap because of the imperfection. I think that these cheap longchamp was disposed by the factory. It probably is authentic. I believe.! LOL.. But the price is really worth the buy. Glad you're here! Welcome aboard! ;)

  2. Hi babe, may I know where did u buy it from?

    1. Hi Liyana! I bought that online. when I checked their website its not available no more. Better check out one of the Longchamp at their webite. Thank you for dropping by at my blog

  3. Nice post. I really like Longchamp. I want to buy that bag soon.

  4. hi! i just bought a long champ le pliage via online shop and just got the delivery yesterday, i have an original one and trying to compare the online long champ i have now, the leather, logo, zipper bothers me, but the zip has the YKK, #45 and "T", all details are their, i just missed to check the tag (later I will), the zip is gold but some kinda shinier and thick plated, so the engraved details are not smooth unlike the original. the interior I have to check later too. i am thinking its just a "class A" long champ bag :(

  5. It looks authentic to me esp. the jockey stamp on the flap and the indent inside, that's very authentic. Now having said that, I think your bag is an overrun. No worries though, it did not pass the quality check on the factory but it's still from the factory. Put it this way, an overrun is an authentic item with quality issues whereas fakes did not come from the longchamp factory.

  6. Unfortunately, yours is a fake. the font on the serial number is too slender. the real ones has a rounder and fatter font type. I'm sorry.

    I know because I own a fake with the same slender serial number. If you don't believe me go to the longchamp boutique and check out the real serial numbers. I have to post it so everyone who reads your site will know about it and not pay premium for fake goods. It's very very high quality fake no doubt.

    Yes, they do make those in China. Sells for about $50 usd on
    I hope you didn't pay more than that. Yes, right down to the YKK zipper and the 45 and the kink in the G and the variations of color on the leather. Also, the leather flap color is too light.

    They will tell you it's from the factory defects and the truth is, they mass produce these in China. Since it's such a high quality fake, you can still use it give the price you pay is probably a lot less than real longchamp. it's a matter of personal choice. many ppl in china actually prefer the cheaper fake version cuz they're so well made and so real. Yet, if you go to the authentic boutique and compare your leather flap to the leather flap on the real bags, you'll know the difference right away.

  7. The real font looks like this.

    Or this:

    Very subtle difference. Yes, but you can see they are clearly uniform and has a different font.

    YOu can better authenticate your bag here:

    actually many ppl on purseblog has your fake bag and got it properly authenticated as fake.
    Unlike Helen from the super guide.

  8. Please dont' showcase your fake purse you bought online as how to judge a real purse. This is a grade A FAKE purse. Everyone please use this for your guide as a fake purse. See how the leather is light brown instead of dark brown. The fake purse seller will usually say every leather is different but it should not be shiny like that. Anyways, it's a fake.

  9. Also, if the seller tell you the product comes from the factory because of defects, it should not come with dust bags and authentication cards. It would have never reached that stage. There are Longchamp factories in China, but they have very tight control over their products. QC (quality control) fail products are usually sent back for repairs. Even if a few leak out, the managers or workers will usually distribute it amongst themselves. So sell it to the local second hand shop. They do not sell those online. The leather flap and the dust bag is a dead giveaway.

  10. To the anonymous commenters, would you know if a limited edition le pliage (mary katrantzou bag) has been faked too? I won a travel sized bag on eBay and the seller says it comes with a dust bag. I got the smaller version and it didn't come with a dust bag. I am not sure if the case is the same with limited editions and travel size. Thank you!

  11. Oh my! Thank you for all that information! You can never be too paranoid - they copy everything now! May I know if you would be able to tell if something is fake or not? I need help, please.

  12. I don't authenticate purses but you can go to the purseblog forum. There are many experts there and they're all very friendly. Sometimes just reading previous posts is enough to authenticate your own bag. Also I'm not familiar with all luxury goods. Many grade A products are very hard to tell unless you are an expert in that brand. A lot of them actually LOOK exactly the same. A fake Grade A Chanel Le Boy has many 1:1 mirror image fakes, but once you touch and handle the product the difference in quality will be obvious. The zipper might break or get stuck, the gold hardware loses its color within a month of use, in some instances, even the color on the leather bag itself can rub off on white jeans! These are all things that an online consumer would NOT know until they have purchased and used the product for a few months. Some sellers will take pictures of a real bag and send you the Grade A fake.

    My advice....

    If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

    Don't buy "discounted" New items online. I don't care what secret channels they say they have, whether they pulled a lot of strings to get it or bribed company staff. If you must because you are on a tight budget, buy used ones on eBay and have it authenticated at the local boutique. You have a much better chance of getting a real pre-loved one sold by some shopaholic in another side of the world. Get the receipt, check the ratings, do your due diligence. Not all boutique will authenticate products for you. It'll be easier if you had been a customer. Make up some excuses or just go and compare the products yourself if you're brave enough. Go to the boutiques and familiarize yourself with the products. If you've bought Longchamp at an actual store you will know it does not come with those dust bags.

    For longchamp, you're better off loading up on them on your Euro trip or ask friends who are going to Paris to buy them for you. There are just way too many fakes online. If it's new and discounted, it's probably fake. For me, I don't bother, I just work harder and save longer.

    Life is short, why do all of the above research and get super paranoid and lose sleep over a purse?

  13. Congrats, you bought a Grade A Fake Bag !!


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