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Friday, January 18, 2013

Planning to Invest in Vanity Table Set

"I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it"

-Marilyn Monroe

Recently, I've been crazy and thinking about buying lots and different kinds of cosmetics. Since I start being a little kinda crazy about my new permed hair and some of my stuff is all over the place, plus not only that, I am also thinking of buying my new make ups and stuff like that.. You know "Girly" thing as I would say.  Yeah! And I know some of you didn't understand that, and some says "girls are so high maintenance" Well, YES! in my opinion.

Before I never have the thought of doing this about make ups, cosmetics, etc., I am that kind of girl who don't wear make ups at all, well, I do put some brows and face powder but that's it, that's all it! So simple and ugly! (for me)... And sometimes I forgot to put my eyebrow pencil on and just imagine how I looked like without any brows since my brows are kind of thin, so imagine me like that going out with my husband and no make up at all or even forget to put my face powder on. Believe me! I am that kind of person..... but now HELL YEAH! I'm in...

In my opinion I would say that do it accordingly before you invest your Vanity table and stool, because girl its not cheap at all! First thing first! First of all, look at your pocket, and see if how much you can afford in your standards. Secondly, choose what you need for a Vanity Table or dresser. Because it all matters there! What you need is so much different with what you WANT! Get me? So you're not just shopping for what you want, well of course you can do that if you are that rich! For me, I will get what I need and want in a very economical ways. Of course, you'll not gonna buy a dresser if you don't want it or like the item. Uhmm duhhh? And last but not the least, "SAVE some money"! That's the most important thing. Your only battle here is TIME, Patience and MONEY! If you can handle that then congrats! And one thing you also have to have space where you wanted to put your Vanity table and stool, I prefer it in our room. Not to mention our room is pretty small so I gotta have to find a perfect dresser for me.

So, now I am gonna show you what kind of dressers are in my head, I know.. I know there's a lot of Vanity Set over there but this is my top choice.


This one is a little bit big for me and talking about the space is not really working but I like it though! I like it especially it's made out of wood and will last long for sure plus I like BIG mirrors and it is classy! The style is kinda antique and I just love the way it is. For sure in the future I will have this kinda dresser if my room will be big enough. Coz you need a lot of space with this one.

I like the style, I like how many drawers on it, the stool is just perfect,
the mirror is big and spacey but it don't meet with my standards. Way too expensive!

I so love this! There's an image in my head that having this
is just like having a princess-like thing, sort of, whatever!. Well, I like the color, I like
white. For me White is been very neat. The drawers are enough. The price is till NAH!

This one is very cute! I love how the drawers are. It's in the same side
There is also one that the dresser is in the right side, I believe.
One thing I like about this is it's not that expensive, economical,
classy and sturdy.

This one just caught my eye! It is so stylish. I love how the feet of the table is
and the stool is perfect! But the cons is there is not much enough drawer.
I mean who knows in the future I will be having lots and lots of cosmetics
And don't know where to put it? Well you can always buy another drawer
but me I prefer all my cosmetics are in one place, in the Vanity table.

This one here is the same. Not enough drawers but I like it though
It is cute. ;) :p
Overall after reviewing all that stuff I would probably go for Table set 4 & 2. Why? Because it is very economical money wise, the color is good, it is classy, the mirror is okay, roomy and I guess it is perfect for me! I also like the fact that you can move the mirror up and down if you're a little small person (like me!).

So anyway guys I hope you enjoy reading and you can always leave a comment, suggestions and ideas. Tell me what kind of Vanities you like or what Vanity set you have right now.

See Yah! Till my next blog!

Disclaimer: All pictures I've posted in this blog, specifically this blog (Investing your Vanity Table Set) pictures is not mine, I took it from the web. And I'm not saying it's mine, just posting for ideas. Thank you!