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Hello everyone!

First of all I would like to introduce myself as the administrator of this blog. You can call me Ellaine for short. I live in this beautiful country called Philippines. I am 24 years old, happily married to my loving and caring husband and have also a loving dog that I treated her almost like my daughter, her name is Chacha.

I am just an ordinary person like everybody else. I love to cook, I love to travel and I want to explore new things. What I love to watch is Sci-fi movies, horror, suspense, reality show, based on a true story movie, comedy and drama. My most interest is horror!!!

This blog is all about I can ever think of, my personal experience that I want to share it with you guys. Mixed blog post that came in across my thoughts, review about something, the places I've been, make up etc.

I think that's it for now and will keep you updated for the next blog post.

Thank you.

Admin of iloveeverythingaboutit

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Hello Everyone!

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