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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Firmoo: Fourth wave of Share-To-Win!

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Firmoo will give away 100 pairs of glasses unconditionally on March 4th here:

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Facebook page: Lenutza Puenary
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Please Pick me!!! ;)

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Bonita!

Happy Birthday Mom! Our past doesn't really matter, whatever it is we have to forget and move on to our life. Let be the past be our lesson. The present is the most important thing! and today is the day to remember. Even though the celebration isn't grandiose but still a perfect birthday!

11 am today I called her and asked her what's the size of her foot and what color she like. On that moment when I asked she figured out what's on my head (its very obvious). I am planning to give her a little present just to make her happy. So this morning I bought her a pair of Havaianass and a leopard printed dress, a necklace. Of course a special person should receive a special gift with a little birthday card. I put them all together at the box (sandal, dress, necklace and the card) with a special wrapping. Few hours I went at the store to give her present and she was very surprise and happy! I've never seen her happy just like that. She thanked me and hug me saying "Thank you Ellaine" and my heart just melt. No words can explain.  Even my gift is not that surprising as everyone does but for my Mom its enough. Whatever little things I gave her, she really appreciate it and treasure it. That's how I love her.

Later this afternoon I gave her another surprised, a makeover. We went at some local salon here in our place to Rebond Treatment ( I dont know how you called it ), a foot spa, of course Manicure and Pedicure too. Well she really transformed.. Can you believe that she's my Mom? Take a look....

Before the makeover

Everybody thinks that we're sisters. LOL. but its fine with me. And of course we had dinner at the restaurant and full ourselves. Perfect evening! That's all I can say.

Happy Birthday Mom! You did it again!

Here's a song to Mom!!! 
If you're a fan of Phineas and Ferb episode
@ cartoon network (well, yeah! I still watch cartoons) 
then you know this song. ;)


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Contest: Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

Best Weekend Ever!

As part of the Filipino tradition, spending its weekends with the family is much even better. Either going out together with the family, picnik, shopping together or even relaxing, enjoying the time together at home. I would embrace spending our time together with the family at home because its ideal, realistic and less spending I suppose. For me it's all about the time and happiness you share.

I am a wife that loves to cook especially to my husband. I couldn't forget the best weekend spending my time together with my husband at home. On that night, me and my hubby were thinking what to do because we couldn't sleep early. So I was thinking "how about a movie marathon?" Then he said "sure, lets do it". Later that night we drove downtown and dropped by at the nearest rental movies. We rent different kinds of movie. Me myself I love thrilling movie, suspense and horror. So I got myself 3 different kinds of horror movies and my husband loves action movies, so he get himself 3 different action movies then we have a deal that we will watch the movie together. As we got the movies, we dropped by at some convenient store and bought chips and drinks. As we arrived home, we sat our butt at the bed, open the chips and drinks and lets start the movie marathon!

During watching the movie I couldn't help myself scream, we're laughing together, commenting about the filming and we enjoy every moment of it. After watching all those movies, and its already morning after we finished watching we finally fall asleep. For me, that's the best weekend ever!

I would love to use Electrolux at home. I know, I've never vacuum our house because we don't have one. I would really be much happier if I won one of their prices!

Introducing Electrolux Hush!

You can check their website and fan page:
Electolux Philippines Official WebsiteElectrolux Twitter Fan Page

Want to Join?

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  2. Contest period is from February 8 to March 3, 2013.
  3. To join, write a blog entry entitled, “Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home” and write about the best things about spending a quiet and relaxing weekend at home.
  4. Be sure to include the product images with links in your entry. You may download product photos here.
  5. Share the following links to your blog post: Electrolux Philippines Official Website & Electrolux Philippines Twitter
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Contest extended Until March 3, 2013! So join now!

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Good Luck!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Make-up for today! Light Smokey Eye in Brown

Light Smokey Eye in Brown

Hello guys! This is my look for today! Light Smokey Eye. I'm not really a make-up hoarder and not really used to make up! Ever since I'm watching on youtube on how to put make up since then I start collecting make ups and they inspire me. So this is my first smokey eye look! I hope you guys enjoy!

*Loreal Lucent Magicque light infusing liquid foundation G7 Gold Bronze
*Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-one Shine free cake powder 02 Nude Beidge
*Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze for bronzing (light application)
*Maybelline cheeky glow in Peachy sweetie

*Everbelina Brow Pencil in brown
*Ardell Brow defining powder in Taupe

*Maybelline eyeshadow palette BR-2
*Urban decay Glide on Eye pencil in black

*Revlon Luscious Grow waterproof mascara in Brown
*Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

*Human Nature lip balm in wild berry for base
*MAC lipstick in Honeylove

Contact lens:
*GEO diamond contact lens in brown

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

My all time favorite buttermilk fried chicken!

Recipe & Methods from: Simply Recipe


 If you are unable to find buttermilk you can use plain yogurt or heavy cream, me I used yogurt because I couldn't find a real buttermilk. Or if you like make your own a substitute buttermilk.

Buttermilk Substitute: How to make Buttermilk
Preparation time: 5 minutes

- Milk just under one cup
- 1 tbsp white vinegar or lemon juice

My experienced... I love the recipe! although just found this recipe online. Try make one for your family and see the difference. Your family will love your new fried chicken!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mac #7 False Lashes

Mac #7 False Lashes

I only used products at the supermarket

BROW: Everbelina brown brow liner
EYE LINER: Urban Decay black
LASHES: MAC #7 false lashes
MASCARA: Revlon Grow Luscious waterproof in brown
FACE: Maybeline New york Light
LIPS: Human Nature wild Berry lip balm
BLUSH: Maybeline Cheeky Glow in Peachy Sweetie

So I will share to you guys where I bought this Mac #7 false lashes. You can find a lot of branded products at Make up Pro (if you're in the Philippines).. You can't really find branded make up products here in Philippines especially if you're not located in big cities like MANILA so I recommend this seller to you. You order and they will ship your item!

French Tip Acrylic Nail

French Tip Acrylic Nail with Glitters in Gold and Pink stone ;)
Ideal for everyday fashion.

Products I used:
Konad clear acrylic powder
Just nail monomer
Acrylic brush
French nail tip
Caronia base coat
Glitter in gold
Konad Buffer
Acrylic Nail clipper
Konad top coat
Konad cuticle oil
Konad stone in pink

I hope you enjoy!

Acrylic Nail in Red with Glitters

Acrylic Nail featuring Long Hot Red nails with glitters ideal for Valentines Day or any occasion!

NOTE: I'm not saying I am good at it but still learning..

acrylic brush
acrylic powder & liquid monomer

buffer, acrilyc clipper and brush
cuticle oil ( use this after you're totally done ) 
base coat (liquid monomer is acidic so you have to
put base coat) any base coat will do.
use acetone to remove the acrylic nails

this how your nail looks like after you glue the acrylic nail tip 

after buffing and filing (already have the acrylic
powder and monomer to create natural nail bed ) 


Hope you enjoy!