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Monday, January 14, 2013

Digital Perm: Maintenance

After making my first blog recently about My digital perm experience I decided to post another blog, still about Digital Perm but its maintenance. I'm kinda stubborn typical kind of person because you see, I had already searched and read a lot about this perming thing and I already know that the maintenance is not a joke I just pursue it but I don't know probably I totally forgot what I have searched and learn but you cannot tell really without experiencing it yourself. Some people say that having your hair permed is a lot more easier and cheap because you'll never be able to use a comb and all that but for me it is not true. Well anyway continue reading and you'll find out how it really works in the real world.

Anyway, I always like my hair to look like this:

Sarah Parker
I like the way her curly hair. Probably the cold perm will works for me but it fine..

I already got my hair permed last December 31, 2012 and while still at salon I ask my stylist on what to put on my hair. So she offer me this product, I think it's a Korean conditioner its called Mise En Scene. She asked me for about Php 450.00 so I took it. She also offers me Shampoo and Curling cream but I didn't consider buying those too because I actually don't have enough money to buy those. LOL! Before I left the salon I blew 4,000 pesos just to get my hair done (Breakdown: Php 2,700 for Digital Perm in medium hair, Php 450 for the conditioner, Php 350 for my Haircut and Php 500 for hair treatment). So after that I just can't wait to go to my shop and I am so excited about my hair and I just can't wait to show it off to my Mom. Haha... My Mom appreciated my hair.

please excuse the background

I really can't forget about that day. It was so rush like this (Bang)... For me its a quick decision to make about perming my hair the last second of New Years Eve. I know, I know, I still have a lot of time to do that this year (2013) but I just couldn't wait. I got off at the salon for about after 2 hours and 30 minutes and looking at my watch I said to myself "oh dear I better hurry, the clock is ticking I need to prepare some food for New Years Eve".. So I ended up stressing myself and give myself a headache. See what I mean? I just can't wait. Anyway just wanted to share it to you since I didn't mentioned that on my first blog. So lets talk about the maintenance. I am gonna show you what I've been using for my hair and reviews about it.

I used this conditioner time to time, alternating the other conditioner I have the Humane Nature.

I like this product though, so far I dont have any negative comments about this.

From the left: Human Nature Moisturizing Shampoo, Human Nature Conditioner, Monea Curl defining Milk, Finesse Curl defining Mousse, Kerastase Oleo Curl and Human nature smoothing serum.

Human Nature Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Gals if you can't find any shampoo and conditioner specifically for curl hair I recommend you to use this Human Nature Shampoo and Conditioner (Php250 both of them, not sure). It is so great on my hair, so smooth and the only one thing you notice about the shampoo is it doesn't bubble that much not unlike the shampoo from the market like Head and shoulder. But this one I really recommend. Well, I haven't gotten my Herbal Essences totally twisted shampoo and conditioner. I really have to order it from eBay because I couldn't find one at the Watson's Pharmacy here and I spent $24.94 for the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner including the Priority mail so that is basically Php1,022.54.

Monea Curl defining Milk
I first tried the Monea curl defining milk (Php99, not sure) but actually I bought the Monea and the Finesse together. So after using this Monea I really had a high expectation but when I used it, its not really good on me. My hair is so sticky and it's frizzy all day long. I dont know I probably put too much. I just leave it on my damp hair and didn't hair dry it. So thats probably one reason why it becomes like that.

Finesse Curl Defining Mousse
After trying the Monea I am totally disappointed through out the day but thats okay I am still learning and try to figured out what's up!, so I tried this Finesse curl defining mousse (Php360, not sure but in that range) and it works for me. I so like the Finesse mousse on that day.. All day my hair stays bouncy and not sticky. What I did is while my hair is damp I applied enough amount of Finesse mousse on my hair and blow dry until my hair is dry and it works. By the way don't use the hot set blow dry instead use the cool set blow dry.

Kerastase Oleo Curl
After reading all about the Kerastase oleo curl (Php1,600), its a leave on by the way, I am totally expecting a lot from this product because of its price. And when I tried this one the first time not really that much excited about it, just the same result as the Finesse product the one I mentioned above. But I tried it again few days after well it did impressed me because just like the Finesse it leaves my hair smooth, bouncy, not frizzy at all and I so love the smell, it also leaves your hair a little loose but for me its fine. When applying this I use it when my hair is still damp and gently apply it from roots to tips and scrunch the bottom of my hair where the curl is and later blow dry until dry and Voila! you're set to go.

Human Nature Natural Hair Smoothing Serum
About the Human Nature Serum (Php120, not sure) I tried it ounce together with the Monea I guess or the Finesse. I used the serum in the middle of the day just to try it and it makes my hair sticky. And when I went at the David Salon to had my pedicure the staff just looking at me and some customers. F*ck!!!... I don't know how do I look like on that day. I feel kinda confident though but I don't know it leaves a question mark on my head.

So, thats all I think I can share from you guys.. I did spend a lot and Im not even a half of the month since I got my hair permed and thats how I blew the money. Well, if you can buy and try everything why not? It is some kinda experiment for yourself on how products works on you. Some they don't work for you but to other people it works perfectly. You know things like that. "You have to be able to know whats the perfect match for you" ika nga. So that's what I'm trying to say earlier in my introduction. But none of this changed how I love my hair right now. I am still planning to go back to the salon where I had my hair for about 2 months (my stylist told me).. So Gals I hope you have a great hair day! Ciao!


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  2. I don't think Herbal Essences Totally Twisted are available at Watson's. I've only bought mine from SM Supermarket/Hypermarkets, specifically in Cubao. But I've also seen one in Megamall for around 500php. Based on my experience, it works well with Finesse Curl Defining Mousse. My digiperm curls stayed intact for more than 6months. :)


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