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Friday, March 8, 2013

Summer Outfit 2013

Before I start I would like to say: "Happy International Women's Day" to all women! Okay here I go...

Thinking about what to wear for summer? It's just crazy right? Time pass by so quick and yet summer is on its way. Thinking about beach ayy? I am not a fan of going to the beach this summer. Me I would prefer wearing long sleeve and I know that sounds ridiculous. It's because here in the Philippines is very hot (Yes, hot and why wear long sleeves?....) and I would not expose my skin to the sun. Base on my experience it's really hard to even your skin tone. Right now I'm still working at it (skin tone thingy). 

In my opinion about the outfit to wear its not about just trends and fashions, hmm.. a little bit of a trend I suppose but for me its more about what clothes I'm comfortable with and what's available on my closet! LOL!!! We're not just talking about spending here its also about saving. LOL!

Anyway guys! Enough with the talk.. I cut out those Outfits #1, #2 & #3 myself from google just for you guys and I added another 3 outfit for you to check out. I also added a link underneath the photo. So here's something that I would wear or something that I want to wear for summer this 2013! 

Outfit # 1

Outfit # 2

Outfit # 3

I took these 3 photo's (below) from google images just to show you more photo's and selection for those who can't decide what to wear for summer.

Photo # 1

Photo # 2

Photo # 3
I like the picture # 3.. Like like like !!!!

So what do you think?
You can also share your summer look just post a link from your post about summer outfit 2013 and I will check it out.