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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thinking about what to do on my 24th Birthday!

(Reminiscing Introduction...)
Looking back at my previous Birthday experienced I never really have one that makes me remember that very moment, I do have few but not quite. Let me say 18th birthday of mine way back 7 years ago was dreaming a big ceremony like a princess dancing with 18 men including your dad, friends, cousin and all that 18 roses, 18 cakes.... But none of those happened to me because I knew we couldn't afford to make that happened, so it stays as a dream. Let me tell you what I really want for my 18th birthday before and please don't laugh at me, seriously. Anyways it all started watching the Panday teleserye in ABS-CBN were Jericho Rosales (a Filipino actor) was the leading man of the said teleserye, he was so famous back then. And I'm one of his biggest fan. I intend to made this big illusions of mine hoping to dance with him at my debut. Because seeing this famous stars having their debut is spectacular and that's every lady should have on their 18th birthday, a very memorable, romantic and special celebration. I had to wake up on the moment that nothing of those will seem to be happening. I guess some of us also dreams that. For me to dream is how you inspire yourself and  dreaming is one reason to live. So I guess there's nothing wrong about that.

When my family knew about my unreachable dream they are laughing and mock at me when they remember. Of course I felt bad, down, and embarrassed. But that never stop me from dreaming... Anyway's we're talking about my what to do on my 24th birthday.. HELLO? LOL. Let me continue...

Just sort of remembering the old past.. So now it's been a long time figuring out what to do on my 24th b-day and I am like all over the place I don't know what to do. So let me start with an idea on my head, a dream, a wish I have..

Thinking about my 24th Birthday: (Thoughts, Want, Dream, Etc.)

1.) Going to restaurant with my husband. Wear some decent and nice dress with matching platform pump shoes.

Platform Pump heels.. Love to have it! Every woman should have one of this.

I love the dress especially the color. (I didn't realize that this is my  Favorite color) LOL

2.) Treat myself ( Unfortunately, I already did )

3.) Thinking to BUY a new phone but first SAVE! I think this belongs to no. 2? (nah, im still happy with phone)

iPhone 5?

4.) Night swimming with hubby.. It's not gonna happen because my husband is out of town for work.

5.) Ride a bike and of course travel, Alone? not working.

6.) Go to Bohol.

7.) Own a tarsier?

So cute!!!

8.) Jog like 25 miles.. Uhm.. I'll think about that.

9.) own another dog...

I always wanted a Shar pei because it's so adorable. Look at her wrinkled skin..  cutie pie

Here's my baby.. Her name is Chacha. I always love her and always will be.
10.) Fishing around Apo Island... My husband always telling me before that he wanted to go fishing with me but I am so afraid of deep sea especially I dont know how to swim. LOL.

11.) Learn how to swim? and scuba diving.. (nice idea)

Scuba diving

12.) Mountain climbing with my dog ( well, yeah! Thats a better idea and exciting too) but where? is it safe? (such a coward little B***)

13.) Prepare some delightful dishes for bday.. Its a good idea though. Staying at home with family (Mom and Bro).. I so wanted to prepare the Beef Wellington and Scallops. Hmm.. will try it soon.

Mouth watering and juicy meat - "Beef Wellington".. I'm a fan of Chef Gordon and I saw him prepare this so it made my interest.

"Scallops" An additional recipe I saw chef Gordon made. It looks Yummy though..

14.) Videoke together with family and have a shot of Tequila or Margarita. Sounds good.

I am always curious about the "Body Shot Tequila" version.. Hmmm..  Hubby? Let's try this.  ;)

15.) Stay home and make some more blogs.. (idea from another blogger) Well I'd say PERFECT!

16.) Sleep all day

17.) Clean the house? NOPE! (hate doing chores)

18.) Go see a movie..

19.) Go shopping... I wanted to buy a bunch of new clothes so probably that makes me happy. "Shopaholic" (not literally)

20.) Skype to skype with my husband..

My Husband.. I so miss him

21.) I always wanted to ride a roller coaster... STAR City!!! or DISNEY LAND

Roller Coaster.. This is so much of adrenaline.. Love that!

22.) I wish to go to Shibuya, Japan because I wanted to take a picture the of Hachiko's statue. I watched the movie and i'm so touched.. He's such a loyal dog. You know sometimes I compare a person and a dog, sometimes it makes me think that dog is better because of very loyal attitude and dog's can't fake things. That's why I got my baby Chacha. She's so loving and cute.

Statue of Hachiko @ Shibuya Train station Japan

23.) I wanted to have a fit body before my birthday. working out is an option or maybe not.

I like her abs..

24.) Lastly.. I probably wanted to go Paris with Adrian... Experience the overwhelming beauty of Europe. But there's not much time for that. 11 more days to go before my Birthday comes. But will put that on the list.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

A dream is not always a dream.. If you have one or more, then make it come true. What's the point of living in this planet if you always stay in your little box. If you wanted to make that come true then work it, that will makes you happy.

I hope it helps some of my ideas. I guess this all ends in saying Ciao my friend! More blogs coming soon..